You’ve saved the money for your family’s swimming pool project. Now it’s time to hire the pool contractor and get the project started, right? Not so fast! You will want to talk with your homeowner’s insurance agent before you get too far into the project. Will homeowner’s insurance cover my swimming pool should be a question you ask yourself before you get too far into any project.

Your current homeowner’s policy might not cover a swimming pool. Or your agent may recommend that you increase your insurance coverage levels. There are myriad items to think about when you get a swimming pool but we’ll bet you never thought about your homeowner’s insurance, did you?

Will homeowner’s insurance cover my swimming pool?

You need to be assured you have adequate insurance coverage in case someone decides to sue you if they get hurt. It happens; more often than you might think.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas explain that a discussion with your homeowner’s insurance agent is in order before you sign any contract. You will also want to know how much your insurance premiums will increase once the pool is constructed. You may also want to ask your insurance agent how much it would cost to add an umbrella policy to your current policy — an umbrella policy is typically a $1 million in additional coverage policy.

A homeowner’s insurance policy covers against two items, at its most basic:

  1. Protection against someone suing you (your liability coverage)
  2. Coverage for any damage to your home, the home’s contents and structures on your property. A pool is typically considered “other property.

If you are getting a swimming pool you will not only want to know whether your policy will cover it, but what coverage it will provide. Will you need to bump up your coverages in order to assure the pool is protected from any type of damage? What is excluded as it relates to the policy? Freezing, ice damage? It’s important you understand both coverages and exclusions.

Don’t forget about asking your potential swimming pool contractor for information about the type of insurance he carries to protect you and your property during the construction project. Here are some questions to ask any pool builder and your insurance agent before the project starts.

  1. How much will my homeowner’s insurance increase
  2. How much liability insurance coverage should I carry?
  3. Will adding a pool fence and other safety devices help lower my premium?
  4. Is the pool builder insured? If so, what are the coverages?
  5. Is the pool builder bonded?

With all of the decisions you need to make on your policy, make sure you consider your homeowner’s insurance coverage as well.