It can happen at any time to almost any pool owner. What is “it”? Algae! If you have it and you have wondered how to defeat swimming pool algae, the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spa Service in Fort Worth, Texas. When you go to the backyard for a swim and notice the pool water is brackish, brown, black, green or yellow that means that algae has taken over the water and it’s time to call your pool contractor for assistance in cleaning it up. Some pool owners may have the ability and patience to address the algae-filled pool, but for many pool owners algae fills them with dread and they call in the professionals.

How to defeat swimming pool algae

In order to defeat algae you need to know what kind of enemy you’re dealing with. Algae is a plant organism that grows in warm, dark and dirty — aka unsanitized — water. The most common algae you will find in your swimming pool will turn the water green. As soon as you notice algae bloom you need to jump on it and take care of it. You can grab the algae bloom by the horns and take care of it before it takes over the entire pool — and that can happen quickly.

How to defeat algae:

  1. Vacuum the pool often — at least once a week
  2. Brush the walls and floor and any dark crevices — behind the pool ladder, in the deep end of the pool
  3. Skim debris from the surface of the pool daily — as often as you see something floating
  4. Run the filter and pump at least eight to twelve hours a day
  5. Monitor the pH balance
  6. Monitor free chlorine levels
  7. Use algaecide

When you’re fighting algae:

  1. Be prepared to use a LOT of chlorine
  2. Fight the culprit at dusk or nighttime when the chlorine will be more effective (sunlight evaporates chlorine)
  3. Turn the filter system on and prepare to run it a lot
  4. Brush the walls
  5. Vacuum the pool
  6. Run the filter for 24 hours a day — for perhaps seven days a week — until the algae is completely out of the water

If you see that brackish water beginning, give us a call immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late!