Foam in a pool is not what you want to see. Chances are you will never see a pool foam like you do on a television show where the foam is filling the room when it comes out of a washing machine or dish washer! Why is the pool water foaming is a question we get asked regularly. It’s not something you want to see, but the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas can help you get the foam out of the pool water.

The reason for the foam is that the water is “thick” and that leads to bubbles being created and those bubbles create more bubbles and so on.. until you have a pool that looks like it’s foaming.

Why is the pool water foaming?

Foam happens when:

  1. Body lotions, make up, perfumes and make up build up in the water.
  2. Hair spray and other hair products can lead to thick water
  3. Laundry soap or detergent on your swim suits can be a cause
  4. Using inferior pool chemicals
  5. Not addressing total dissolved solids in the water.

 How will your pool contractor rid the water of the foam and address the cause of the foam? 

  1. Add algaecide to the water. If you purchase algaecide make certain you invest in one that says “non foaming” right on the label.
  2. Make it a rule for everyone to shower before they swim. Even a quick rinse of body and hair will help prevent foaming
  3. Make certain no one is adding anything to the water that could lead to it bubbling — body wash, etc.

Keeping the swimming pool water clean is the first line of defense at keeping the pool water free of foam. When you own a swimming pool you need to commit to being diligent with cleaning it, testing the water and adding chemicals. if you don’t have the time to commit, you will want to work with an experienced swimming pool contractor who will care for the pool on your behalf.