The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas hear all the time from their customers, “why isn’t my pool water the same color?” There are so many reasons and we want to share some insight into that today.

The depth of the water. Depending on the depth of the water in your swimming pool it will appear different colors. The water in the shallow end will look different than the water in the deep end. That’s natural. If you have steps, an in-pool bench or other water accessories could color the water around it.

The color of the pool tile and in-pool accessories can make the water appear to be different colors. If you have a swimming pool with a light blue finish, the water will appear more blue than if you have a black or dark blue finish.

Why isn’t my pool water the same color?

The weather and sunshine will make a difference in the water color. If the sun is shining, the water will appear different than if it is a cloudy, overcast day. Even the time of the day can impact the color of the water.

The stone accents or any glass bead designs or “sea glass” in the plaster will impact the color of the water.

Improper water chemistry. If the pool water hasn’t been maintained properly the water will look cloudy or – even worse – green or brown or even yellow with algae. If you notice this, contact a pool contractor as soon as possible to have him come and address that situation. An algae-filled pool is typically something a DIYer struggles to address.

Photographs of pools. If you’re looking at photographs of swimming pools in magazines or online, keep in mind that the photos can be enhanced to make the water look as though it is sea-blue or that there is sunlight glistening off it.

Don’t despair if you think your swimming pool isn’t the color you “thought it would be.” Look at your swimming pool as being unique to your family, the construction material you used, its placement in your yard and more.

We’ll bet when you look at the pool, you’ll see the water is clean, clear and sparkling blue – even if it doesn’t look exactly like one you’ve seen before.