Summer may be over where you are — or you may be in one of those states where swimming is still going on or at least you’re still able to enjoy the outdoor living space. We have tips for upgrading outdoor poolside furniture especially if you spent more time out of doors this summer and realized your furniture isn’t as comfortable as it should be.

There is no better place to relax than poolside. If you have a well-furnished swimming pool deck you may find you never go indoors once summer has started!

There are myriad shapes, styles and materials for patio furniture.

Tips for upgrading outdoor poolside furniture


You may no longer want to look like your poolside space is thrift store furnished — although if you like boho chic — then by all means go for it!

Furniture may match and be in complementary styles and colors. Whether contemporary or modern, having a central color theme and furniture style can pull your whole outdoor living area together. Many people no longer want a single outdoor furniture piece. They want a complete set to give their outdoor areas a finished look.

Furniture materials

Choose from wrought iron or cypress and cedar are durable woods that are popular for outdoor furniture. Cedar and cypress can withstand water and chlorine dripped on it. These woods both age well and can last for decades. If you’re looking for an option that is a little less expensive choose aluminum frame furniture. This furniture can stand up to years of use and weather.

Cushion fabrics

When shopping for furniture, talk with us about materials that best withstand the weather and prolonged exposure to chlorine-soaked bathing suits. You can choose from vinyl, polyester and various cotton made specifically for outdoor use. If you have children you might want to choose a material that is easy to be cleaned in the event drinks are spilled.


Choose colors that you love and those that lend a bright color splash or choose something muted to give you outdoor living space a more subdued look and feel.

Choose one vivid color as a base and then build the rest of your cushion colors around it in more muted tones. Unless you plan to upgrade and update your furniture every year make certain you choose a color that you want to live with for many years.

Don’t rush into your outdoor living space furniture. Bring home swatches. Consider the layout and how you use the space. Shop wisely and enjoy!