It’s been a long day. All you want to do is don your bathing suit, grab an adult beverage and slip into the soothing warmth of the hot tub. Wait! Why is the hot tub water green? This is a question the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Forth Worth, Texas answer for their customers who have had this issue.

When the water is green, that means your hot tub is filled with algae. It can be cleaned, but it does mean that you’re not using the hot tub tonight and maybe not for a few days. It is a labor intensive task to rid the hot tub oc algae. In some cases, depending on how much algae there is, it is sometimes easier, quicker and more cost effective to drain the hot tub and start from scratch.

Why is the hot tub water green?

What turns the hot tub water green?

  1. The hot tub has been uncovered. The sun speeds up the growth of algae
  2. There isn’t enough sanitizer in the water
  3. The filter and pump aren’t working properly
  4. You’re not running the pump often enough
  5. Algae has blown into the water, you’ve put the cover on, aren’t running the pump and filter and algae takes hold — it is the perfect storm

We will work to determine WHY the algae took hold so we can make certain it doesn’t happen again — as long as precautions are taken!

You can prevent algae in a hot tub by:

  1. Testing the water and using enough sanitizer to keep the water clear
  2. Covering the hot tub when you’re not using it
  3. Checking the hot tub filters and filtration system to assure it’s working well
  4. Washing swimsuits
  5. Running the pump and filter as often as your hot tub contractor recommends

How to rid the hot tub of algae

  1. It needs to be deep cleaned and this may require draining it completely
  2. The filter should be replaced or thoroughly and deeply cleaned to assure no lingering alage spores are hanging around
  3. The hot tub should be thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned and all the drains and jets need to be cleaned as well
Once the hot tub has been thoroughly cleaned, refill it and be diligent in using santizer and testing the water!