It’s almost summer and that means it’s almost time for swimming, although if you live in Fort Worth, Texas you may already be in the pool — if you have a pool water heater. How to get your swimming pool summer-ready is something the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth help their customers with every year.

If you’re new to pool ownership or if you want to turn the care and opening of your pool over to a swimming pool contractor this year, there are some tasks that your pool contractor will perform on your behalf to get the pool up and running.

How to get your swimming pool summer-ready

  • ¬†Check the pool pump. This is one of the pieces of equipment that costs the most to run and leads to the biggest drain on your utility bills. If you are still using a single speed pump, take the plunge and upgrade it to a multi speed pump — the investment you make will be returned in the money you save on pool operation.
  • If you want to make a more eco friendly change to your swimming pool and want to move away from using so much chlorine in the pool water, consider going to a salt water cleaning system. Salt water, people say, makes your skin feel smoother and the salt system will use less chlorine and that is safer for swimming in.
  • Your pool contractor will inspect the swimming pool for leaks and damage to the equipment that the winter may have caused. You certainly don’t want to turn the pool on for the first time and have the equipment short out or have a leak.
  • Your pool contractor will also check the integrity of your swimming pool fence and other safety equipment you have in the swimming pool to assure everything is functioning at its peak.
  • Deck cleaning. You may clean the deck yourself, to save money, but your pool contractor can offer advice on the best equipment to clean the deck with (a power washer may be ideal, depending on the deck material).

No matter what your summer looks like, when you have a swimming pool you have access to summer fun with friends and family.

If you’re not certain if your pool needs some equipment upgrades or updates, give us a call now to get on the schedule so you don’t lose any precious swim time!