Seahorse Pool contractors in Fort Worth, Texas explain why your pool water is green

Algae is one of those nuisances that pool owners can face if they aren’t diligent in pool cleaning and mainteance. The algae spores can seem to appear overnight — you go from clear water to green, murky water. The fact is that algae bloom is visible to the trained eye while it’s in its growth stage. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas explain why is pool water is green is because of lack of thorough maintenance and pool chemical balancing. This can occur when you forget to clean the pool or algae can grow when you’re away on vacation and didn’t think to have the pool cleaned while you were gone. Once alge blooms, it typically requires the services of an experienced swimming pool contractor to address it, kill it and get your pool back to swimmable condition.

Why is pool water green?

  • If algae is not cleaned away it will stain your swimming pool. Closing the pool without having it cleaned could lead to algae growth beneath the pool cover that will remain unnoticed for many months. Consider that algae feeds upon itself and you can see what an insidious menace it is. Algae will die and when the water becomes saturated with the dead algae, new algae is born which will feed upon the dead algae.
  • Algae can survive in cold water, so leaving it unaddressed during winter months is no guarantee it will be dead when you open the pool. It will continue to thrive even under the pool cover. The rate of growth slows when the water temperatures drop below 60 degrees, but it doesn’t stop. And when the algae goes dormant, it will awaken once the water warms up when spring arrives.
  • While cleaning the pool at the end of the season, and then having to clean it again when you open it for the next season may seem like a lot of work, the time you put into cleaning before you close it for the season will be less time you may have to spend when you reopen it.
  • Because the pool water will not be circulating during the winter months, any debris that has fallen into the water could potentially stain its surface.

What is the best way to assure your pool stays free of algae? Work with a swimming pool service professional who is experienced in understanding the nuances of pool water chemistry and who can keep your pool equipment operating at its peak capacity. Many pool owners find they spend more money on pool chemicals and definitely spend more time, caring for their pools themselves than if they’d worked with a pool contractor. Give us a call today for a quote on your pool maintenance this swim season.