Seahorse Pool contractors, serving Fort Worth, Texas offer winter pool maintenance advice

Once winter has settled into your area of the country you can have your swimming pool closed up for the season and then just not think about it until spring rolls around, right? Not so fast! Even though you have worked with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools to have your swimming pool properly winterized, you will still want to give your pool a once-over at least weekly.

During the swimming pool winterization process, the pool contractors will remove various pieces of pool equipment and put them into a safe storage area. He will also thoroughly clean the swimming pool and equipment. Water will be drained from hoses and various pieces of plumbing so that nothing freezes when the temperature drops — the last thing you want to face in the spring time is the need to replace plumbing and pipes because frozen water burst them during the winter months.

swimming pool winter Your swimming pool will be doused with an algaecide and the water level will also be lowered. Once all of that is done, pool floats will be put into the water to prevent the surface from completely freezing. After that, the pool cover will be securely attached to assure it doesn’t blow off during a winter storm. Your pool contractor will tell you that you need to check the pool area and cover to make certain there is no standing water in the cover and that no debris or tree branches are weighing it down. If you have standing water, use a wet-dry shop vac to remove it. Don’t attempt to remove chunks of ice as you could potentially tear the pool cover, but do remove standing water when the ice melts. If you find you have an overly large amount of ice, you may want to call us and we can send a technician to assess the situation and remove the ice on your behalf.

Having your swimming pool “properly” closed for the season will lead to a much easier time of it when summer rolls around. Our pool technicians will come out, reinstall equipment, inspect the pool itself to assure it has weathered the winter, refill it, add pool chemicals (your pool may receive a super chlorination aka shock) prior to it being opened for the swim season.

Make a note on your calendar to step into the backyard and give your pool a once over weekly during the off-season.