Why do the pool tiles need to be cleaned? Don’t they get clean from the rain and the water splashing out of the pool? Not so much, the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas in Fort Worth, Texas explain. Much like bathtub ring in the house, dirty pool tiles creep up on you and you don’t notice them until there is a white line at the water line.

Pool care and maintenance involves more than the water chemistry testing and vacuuming it, but it also means cleaning the pool tiles.

How are pool tiles cleaned? 

Why do pool tiles need to be cleaned?

The reason pool tiles get dirty, mainly, is from hard water deposits which form on the upper rows of the tiles — where the water line ends.

The swimming pool service pros from Seahorse Pools & Spas explain that here are steps that go into cleaning the pool tiles:

  • The water may need to be drained below the dirty tiles.
  • He will apply a layer of an acidic gel tile cleaner. The gel is worked into the tiles and it will sit for about fifteen minutes to help with removal.
  • If the deposit and dirt isn’t removed with the gel, he will scrape if off with a tool made for your pool construction material.
  • The gel and dirt will get wiped away. Your pool contractor will assure none of the dirt and gel gets into the water.
  • He will work around the entire pool, inspecting the surfaces and repeating the process until all the tiles are clean.
  • Once it’s all cleaned, the water will be added to refill the pool and you’re ready to go swimming!

When we pay a service visit we will inspect the pool tiles to assure there is no build up or grime and if there is, we will schedule a time to clean it up.