Summer 2019 is right around the corner and you don’t want to have another summer pass you by without having your own swimming pool, do you? Of course you don’t! The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas in Fort Worth, Texas have swimming pool budget planning tips for potential pool owners!

Don’t spend another summer fighting the crowds at the beach or at the local community swimming pool. Get your own pool and you will have a staycation spot to relax, swim and build memories with your family for decades to come!

Work with us and we can help you plan for a pool project that fits your lifestyle, your pool dreams and your budget.

Swimming pool budget planning tips

Having your budget in mind before you meet with a pool contractor keeps your dreams and what you can afford realistic. It’s a crushing blow to go see a pool contractor with a list of “must haves” only to find out you don’t have enough money for any of that. Let us know, up front what you have to spend, then we can work together to get the pool project that fits into your budget.

There are many items you may dream of having in your pool that you can add on gradually once you’ve paid off the initial cost of the pool.

  • Find out what friends and family spent on their pool project. It’s hard to know what you may spend if you don’t know what a baseline price for a pool is. Do a Google search for pool prices and call us to get a rough idea of prices — but that is like asking a car dealer “how much does a car cost” it’s too vague to be defined.
  • Ad an additional 10-15% to the proposed price of the project to cover any unexpected cost overruns.
  • If you need to take out a loan, give yourself a month or two before construction starts to complete that process. Talk with us if you don’t have a bank with whom you work to get the financing in place for the construction.

Make sure, in your budgeting for the pool project, that you factor in the increases in your home’s utility bills as well as for ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Now is the ideal time to get started on your 2019 swimming pool project!