What size should the swimming pool be? That is a question the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas get asked all the time. It is a personal preference, but knowing how you will use the pool, how many people will use the pool and how much yard space you want to devote to the pool project will help you determine the pool size.

What size should the swimming pool be?

The pool contractors have come up with some questions that will help you determine the pool size.

  1. How many people will typically use the swimming pool? Do you have a large family, a small family, a large or small circle of friends who will be there regularly?
  2. How often will it be used?
  3. How many pool parties do you plan to host?
  4. Will you be swimming laps in the pool or playing in pool games?
  5. How much yard space do you have to devote to a deck and outdoor living space?
  6. Do you have the yard space to devote to a large pool?
  7. Are you willing to give up valuable yard space for the pool? This is important if you don’t have a very large yard and you want to have a place to have a swingset or other place for the children to play or the dog to run.
  8. What are the dimensions of the yard? What are the setbacks required for construction in the area in which you live?
  9. What kind of water features do you want? There are size requirements if you want a diving board or a slide. If you’re looking for a pool with a beach entry or a shallow to deep end, you will need to devote more space to it.

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself is: What is the budget for the construction AND how much are you planning to spend on maintenance and utility bills once the construction is done?