The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas in Fort Worth, Texas talk with their customers who always have the question, “should you get a pool water heater?” when the summer swim season is coming to a close. The answer always is, “if you want to extend your pool season then you should get a pool water heater.”

There are several styles of pool water heaters and each has its unique advantage, disadvantage, effectiveness and price point. You will want to talk with us to gain a full understanding of all of the ins and outs of pool water heaters before you make any buying decisions.

Should you get a pool water heater?

When you have a swimming pool water heater installed by your pool contractor you can extend your swim season by weeks, or even months, depending on where you live. Work with your trusted pool contractor to get a pool heater that is the correct size for the water volume being heated. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when you’re shopping for a pool heater. You want to find a pool heater that is efficient and effective to do the job you’re asking of it — heating the pool water.

Look for a style that is of high quality and one that is energy efficient regardless of whether you’re heating an inground pool, an above ground pool or your hot tub or spa. Invest in a heater that has a good warranty and is from a manufacturer that has a good track record and history.

Decide whether you want a:

  1. Solar heater
  2. Heat pump
  3. Gas heater
  4. Electric heater

The style you use will determine whether you see a surge in your utility bills and to how efficiently it will work. Naturally, solar is best if you’re blessed with heat and sunny days. A heat pump is only as good as the ambient air that surrounds it. Gas and electric heaters are traditional favorites, but you need to understand the nuances before you can make your decision.

Give us a call today if you’re considering extending your swim season by adding in a pool water heater.