The swimming pool construction and service contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas provide insight on what is an ideal pool cleaning schedule. They do caution that there are many variables that go into setting the ideal schedule, but there are some guidelines that will work for almost every pool owner.

New swimming pool owners are sometimes overwhelmed by the number of items that need to be tracked and checked and fussed over when they become pool owners. Long-time pool owners may be in a routine of knowing what to do, but still, others want to step away from the pool cleaning tasks and let someone else take it over.

Getting on a pool cleaning schedule will ensure the pool water is clean, free of bacteria and ready to swim is the benefit of a regular pool cleaning and maintenance schedule.

What is an ideal pool cleaning schedule?

 Here are the main reasons for pool maintenance and a set schedule is crucial for your pool:

  1. Regular maintenance means you may pay less for pool contractor and pool service because the tasks you do in between may mean the pool contractor will have fewer hours of work.
  2. A pool cleaning schedule assures service and maintenance are consistent. A consistently cleaned pool means spending fewer hours behind the vacuum and more time in the pool with friends and family.
  3. Consistency matters when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance because the chance of dirty water is lowered. Pool water is vulnerable if it is covered and exposed to hot sun all day — algae can grow beneath the surface.
  4. Contaminants make their way into the water if the pool has a high swimmer load. There is no quick fix if the water gets cloudy or algae filled. If you find your pool water is brackish and green it may be easier to bring in a pool contractor to do the deep clean the pool needs and to shock the water.
  5. consistent water and equipment care matters. Bottom line.

New pool owners, or those who simply want to swim more and clean less, can give us a call. We can give you a quote on pool service and maintenance and you can decide what your time is worth and if you’d rather swim in than work on the pool!