It only makes sense that a smaller swimming pool would cost less money than would be building a larger swimming pool. Does a small pool cost less money? Yes, BUT mainly the cost is reflected in the construction and perhaps not as much as in the ongoing swimming pool maintenance.

When you’re talking with your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas you want to let us know how much your budget is for the swimming pool. We will let you know how much pool you can get for the budget you have set. The price of construction includes not only the pool shell itself, but the equipment and all of the other costs associated with the construction.

Does a small pool cost less money?

The cost of the pool itself may include only the basic construction costs — you need to understand that size does matter with your pool construction. After you let your pool contractor know your budget you can let him know what you would LOVE to see in your pool and then he can help you realize the pool of your dreams based on your budget.

What are some of the costs associated with pool construction? Here are a few:

  1. The cost of excavation
  2. The type of construction material you choose: fiberglass, concrete or vinyl liner
  3. The quality of equipment you purchase. Remember, if you skimp on equipment you will pay more in the long run for the cost of operating it and in its lifespan.
  4.  What type of accessories do you really, really want? Diving board, slide, automatic pool cover, a built in spa, fountains, sun shelves, etc.
  5. The shape of the pool
  6. Its dimensions — length, width and depth
  7. Don’t forget to ask about the pricing for ongoing upkeep and maintenance.

What size pool do you truly want and need? How many people will be using the pool at one time? How much yard to you want to devote to the swimming pool project? Do you envision yourself using the pool more for exercise than entertaining?