Pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas talk water features

Has your family swimming pool become ho-hum? Do you look at it and wonder, “what can we do to make it more fun and exciting?” Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas and he will explain that you can upgrade your pool with water features. Start your research now and the project can be kicked off when this swim season ends and be done before next swim season rolls around.

Upgrade your pool with water features

Water features and water accessories are a way to amp up the aesthetics of your swimming pool and breathe new life back into it.

  • Add a fountain, mister or rock waterfall. Water fountains provide aesthetic appeal and relaxation. Misters are ideal if you are in the pool but don’t want to be continually underwater as they provide a light mist to keep you cool. Rock waterfalls are dramatic and have the benefit of being able to house a grotto and seating area behind it. Think… very romantic!
  • Water features add to the fun.
  • Children love the water features!
  • Add a beach entry. This is great for young children or those with mobility issues. Naturally, adding a beach entry to an existing swimming pool will be a big budget item, but depending on why you want to add a beach entry, it just might make sense for your family.
  • A diving board or slide are also water features that are fun for the family.

Do online research. Narrow down the type water feature(s), set your budget and give us a call. As with a swimming pool construction project, your pool upgrade with water features and water accessories can be as elaborate as you want and what your budget fits.