Fort Worth, Texas swimming pool contractors explain how to swim longer this season 

We jknow that summer isn’t even officially under way! We also know that Memorial day is the unofficial start to summer and we also know that summers go by too quickly… for everyone! If you want to find out how to swim longer this season, you will want to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas to uncover ways to make your swim season as long as it possibly can be.

Even though Texas pool owners usually have a longer swim season than most states — well, except maybe for Arizona! — we do know that it can get downright chilly in Texas. If you want to use your pool longer this season and extend your swimming time long after the unofficial end to summer — Labor Day, here are some ways.

How to swim longer this season

If you don’t have an indoor swimming pool here are ways to swim longer.

  • Use a solar cover. It is an energy efficient way to heat the pool water. A solar cover may raise the temperature of the pool water by up to 15 degrees. A solar cover will reduces the heat that escapes from already-heated water when the sun goes down.
  • A solar cover, like any cover, will keep dirt and debris from falling into the pool.
  • Use a gas or electric heater or a heat pump to raise the water temperature. A heat pump is the most energy efficient but because it relies on the temperature of the ambient air, if it’s chilly you won’t see much of a difference in the water temperatures. Gas and electric heaters will warm the water, but will also raise your utility bills.

Don’t wait until summer has passed and winter is moving in before you talk with your pool contractor about ways to extend your family’s swim season.