Update your pool with accessories this summer. Has your pool become ho-hum? Are the children no longer as interested in the pool as they once were? Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas about a pool upgrade and update by adding in some accessories.  When you consider that a swimming pool without accessories is like a fish without fins you can see how adding in a diving board, slide, rock waterfall, fountain or other items can amp up the excitement in the pool!

Before you jump in with both feet and decide to add in a diving board, for example, you will need to talk with your pool contractor to make certain your pool is deep enough and wide enough and meets municipal regulations to allow for that item to be installed. If you’re going to add a slide or diving board it’s best to work with a knowledgeable pool contractor.

Update your pool with accessories

  • The size of the pool is a determining factor in the accessories you can add. Before you invest in any items such as a ladder, slide or diving board, amke certain you know the pool’s dimension.
  • There are slides and diving boards on the market made of materials ranging from rubber to plastic to steel and cement materials. The material of the accessory may be determined by the type and construction material of your pool.
  • Price and longevity will figure into the building material you choose.
  • The design of the pool needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the length of certain accessories. There are slides in straight styles, semi-spirals or curved. Each design is best accommodated by a particular style of pool. Your pool builder is your best source for advice.
  • An in-ground swimming pool versus an above ground swimming pool also brings its own unique design options.

No matter the reason for updating your pool with accessories, make certain you know what you want, how you will use the pool. Ask the family what kind of accessories they’d like to see in the pool and talk with us to get the project started.