Seahorse Pools contractors explain swimming pool cover basics

A swimming pool is fun and exciting for your children and is a party hot spot, but when you’re in the midst of your pool construction project you will want to make certain you understand these swimming pool cover basics and that you budget for a pool cover. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas and ask for insight into the need for a pool cover.

Swimming pool cover basics

  1. A pool cover will keep dirt, debris and bugs out of the pool water. This makes cleaning easier.
  2. It may cost you less in pool maintenance fees if you use a pool cover.
  3. A pool cover will cut back on the water lost through evaporation and that will mean you have to refill it less frequently.
  4. If you use a pool heater, using a pool cover will help lower heating expenses and will trap the heated water, letting you run the heater for shorter periods.
  5. A pool cover can keep children or pets or even wildlife from falling into the water. Invest in a safety cover if there are children in the household.
  6. Decide whether you want a solar cover, thermal cover, automated cover, winter cover and/or a safety cover or a combination of the types. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type so understand what you’re looking for before you invest in one.
  7. Automation makes sense for your pool cover. They are large and heavy and if you can’t easily put it on or take it off, you won’t use it. Talk with us about an automatic pool cover for ease of use.
  8. You will want to take care of the pool cover just as you take care of the swimming pool. Because the cover is an investment, you will want to protect it. Ask us about how to clean it and how frequently it needs to be cleaned.

When you’re talking to a pool contractor about your pool project make certain you ask about pool covers and work that into your pool budget.