Winter in Texas usually looks much different than winter in New York or Montana! The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas explain Texas winter swimming pool care that you may not have thought about.

Just because your pool has been closed for the season, doesn’t mean you “set it and forget it” because you will want to check it to make sure the cover is on and that there is no standing water and just give it a general once-over. Even though your swimming pool has been winterized, a weekly check is ideal.

When your swimming pool is closed for the season, we will:

  1. Remove equipment and put it into your storage space
  2. The pool will be thoroughly cleaned
  3. Algaecide will be added
  4. Water will be drained from hoses and plumbing
  5. The water level will be lowered a bit
  6. Floats or water-filled milk jugs will be put in the water
  7. The cover will be put on securely

Texas winter swimming pool care

The algaecide will hopefully do its job and not let algae bloom during the off-months. If the water isn’t circulating, the cover is on and if it gets warm it could be a perfect storm of algae growth the algaecide will help eliminate that issue.

Check the pool and pool cover as soon as any storms blow through. Remove any debris that may have fallen onto the cover, Vacuum up any standing water with a wet dry shop vac. If you happen to have ice on the cover, resist the urge to remove it as it could break up and sharp edges could damage the cover. When there is a warm up and the ice melts, vacuum the standing water off.

A proper pool closing leads to an easier pool opening the next summer season. If your pool is still open, give us a call and let’s get your pool closing scheduled or let’s talk about the installation of a pool water heater so you can enjoy the pool year-round!