Woohoo… you’re going to own a swimming pool in 2022! You’ve made the decision and now comes all the fun and excitement of all the decisions you need to make with your trusted swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas. We have put together a list of 7 tips for choosing your pool design that we think will help you get down the right path toward pool ownership.

Setting the budget and making certain you’re ready to make this commitment to being a pool owner is the first step. The second is finding the best pool contractor for your unique design and needs, then it’s the decisions that come with choosing the design of the pool of your dreams.

7 tips for choosing your pool design

Gather some tools and settle in for an enjoyable time! Grab a measuring tape to determine how much yard you want to devote to your pool project, design and home repair magazines or Google searches, sketchbooks and a camera.

  1. Look at photos of residential swimming pools and architecture, travel and interior design magazines. Look at hotel, apartment and landscape architects for inspiration.
  2. When you’re looking at designs take note of the deck and tile work around the pool as that will be a decision you have to make as well.
  3. Measure your backyard and sketch on the paper the proposed layout for the design you like. This may help you wrap your head around what you want to talk with a pool contractor about BUT don’t let having to sketch anything out stop you from reaching out to us.
  4. When you watch television or movies look at the pools in them.
  5. Walk or drive through your neighborhood and catch a glimpse of pools.
  6. When you interview potential pool contractors, ask them for their “look books” and see what other projects they’ve completed as a source of inspiration
  7. Consider what accessories you want in your pool as that will help us help you determine the size and style of your pool to accommodate the accessories you want (diving board, slide, rock waterfall, sun shelves, beach entry, etc.)

Let your imagination run wild when in the planning stages but be aware you may need to scale ideas back to accommodate your pool construction budget. Let us know up front what you can spend and we can help craft the pool of your dreams.