Living in Fort Worth, Texas might mean you swim for more weeks or months of the year than pool owners in other parts of the country, but if you want to swim even more next summer you may wonder is solar pool water heating right for your pool? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spa in Fort Worth, Texas talk with their customers about solar pool water heating, the costs, benefits and how to get started.

Texas pool owners, actually even pool owners who live in the colder temperatures of the Northeast, can heat their pool water with solar pool technology and even on an overcast day, you may find the solar array is still generating energy. When you talk with us about designing a solar-heated swimming pool is not a difficult undertaking that will save you money on pool water heating, is environmentally friendly and works well.

The way to ensure you get the most bang for your solar buck is to make certain the solar array is placed strategically to take advantage of the sun as many hours of the day as possible. Your pool contractor or solar pool installation professional will help you place it where trees won’t block the sun or other impediments to pure sunlight access to make the most of the solar panels.

Is solar pool water heating right for your pool?

Pool placement is key to warmer water. For example, if you want to heat the pool water without the use of a heater or solar array, you will want the pool placed so it gets as much direct, natural sunlight as possible and the pool should be placed with southern or western exposure. This could be different if you live in an area of the country like Arizona with its triple-digit temperatures.

A dark pool bottom will also help enhance the warming of the water as dark colors absorb heat and this can amplify what the solar array is doing.

When the solar array is installed the contractor will need to trim overhanging branches to ensure the sunlight hits the array as fully as possible throughout the day. You will need to invest in the solar array as well as the equipment to heat the water and circulate it through the swimming pool. Ask us how much the solar heating system will cost AND how long it will take for you to see a return on your investment. You may be pleasantly surprised in how soon you start saving money!