Do you think this is the year you are going to take the plunge and update and upgrade your family swimming pool? After a time, your pool will either need to have equipment updated and replaced or you just might want to add new or different accessories or even add in items you have never had but always wanted. We have 5 swimming pool renovations for 2022 you may want to consider.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas understand that a pool renovation project will be undertaken at some point in a pool owners’ life and that can be because you want to breathe new life into it or if you bought a home that came with a pool and you want to put your own unique mark on it.

There are amenities that help your pool operate more smoothly. There are a myriad of transformative renovations you can talk with us about if you want to breathe new life into your swimming pool this year or next year but now is the best time to start talking with us about it.

5 swimming pool renovations for 2022

Not sure where to begin on a pool renovation or remodel project? Set your budget then determine what projects are must-dos and which are really want to have and go from there.

  1. Talk with us about aggregate pool plaster finish renovation or upgrade. Pool plaster can protect your concrete gunite swimming pool from damage but add more aesthetically pleasing aspects. An aggregate finish adds durability to the surfaces of your swimming pool. Choose an aggregate finish with a smooth or textured surface. These finishes can extend the life of the pool finish by up to two decades.
  2. Consider adding a salt water chlorinator system. One of the benefits is convenience because these systems eliminate the need to store and manually add chlorine. Chlorinators prevent itchy eyes and green hair by regulating their own chlorine levels.
  3. Upgrade the aesthetics by adding fiber optic or LED lights. Colored fiber optic lights can light up your entire underwater swimming area and can increase the value of your swimming pool. LED and fiber optics lights also create a dynamic background for night time gatherings. Lighting can be installed at the bottom of the pool too if you want the colors and if you want to light up a deep end.
  4. Look at an upgrade to your outdoor living space by adding a kitchen, seating area or upgrading the deck materials.
  5. Look at adding a pool water heater to extend the pool swim season. Add an electric pool cover device that can make it easier to get the cover on and off because it will make using it easier and using a cover has a myriad of benefits.

There are so many upgrades and updates you can do for your swimming pool project. Give us a call or let’s talk the next time we pay a service visit and see what you might want to consider for a pool project.