You’ve saved the money for your family’s swimming pool project. Now it’s time to hire the pool contractor and get the project started, right? Not so fast! You will want to talk with your homeowner’s insurance agent before you get too far into the project. Will homeowner’s insurance cover my swimming pool should be a question you ask yourself before you get too far into any project.

Your current homeowner’s policy might not cover a swimming pool. Or your agent may recommend that you increase your insurance coverage levels. There are myriad items to think about when you get a swimming pool but we’ll bet you never thought about your homeowner’s insurance, did you?

Talk to insurance agent before getting a pool

You need to make certain your homeowner’s insurance policy will protect you when you become a swimming pool owner. Some might. Some might not. Others might but will require a higher level of liability coverage and you need to take that into consideration as an added swimming pool expense. In fact, your insurance provider may require what’s called an umbrella policy in limits of $1 million or more and this will be an ongoing expense for the life of the swimming pool.

At its most basic, a homeowner’s insurance policy covers:

  1. Protection against someone suing you (liability coverage)
  2. Coverage for any damage to your home, the home’s contents and structures on your property. A pool is typically considered “other property” and may or may not be included in your regular coverage. You may need to invest in coverage that is pool specific.

Here are questions to ask your insurance agent before you make a decision on a swimming pool.

  1. How much will my homeowner’s insurance increase
  2. How much liability insurance coverage should I carry?
  3. Will adding a pool fence and other safety devices help lower my premium?
  4. Will you even continue to provide coverage if I get a pool

You need to be armed with all the knowledge before you jump into a project as expensive as a swimming pool. If you’re having trouble getting homeowner’s insurance coverage, ask us, chances are we know an agent who will help.