Trends come and go in both indoor and outdoor decorating and construction. Are you a trend setter? If so ther are swimming pool trends to consider. We do caution new pool owners to truly think about, “do you truly want to have your swimming pool emblazoned with your favorite sports team in tile?” It’s something to think about, especially if you want to sell your home and potential buyers look at the pool with a sports-specific design that they just don’t want to look at every day.

There are trends you can enjoy that won’t turn off a potential buyer of your home in case you eventually move out. And, let’s face it — if you get too trendy, you may not like what you’ve chosen after a few years. You can be trendy without being over the top!

Swimming pool trends to consider

Go with swimming pool trends that beautify your backyard and your swimming pool construction without being so over the top that you may tire of it.

  1. Glass tiles are trendy and traditional. Glass tiles are more popular in recent years than ceramic tiles. Glass provides a higher resistance than other tiles and are less prone to fading and breaking or cracking. Tiles are certainly beautiful and come in myriad shapes and designs, but glass is considered even more so. Talk with us and look at some glass pool designs and see if this is a trend that appeals to you.
  2. Swim up spa. This is a trend that we don’t see fading away. If you have a swimming pool and want a hot tub or spa, a swim up spa is the ideal choice — you don’t even have to get out of the water to get from one to another — hence the name! Also, even with a swim up spa, you can close the pool for the season, but still have access to the hot tub.
  3. Bigger is better. If you have the yard space, you may want to supersize your swimming pool. With a large pool you can add water features, have a beach entry, a rock waterfall, diving board, slide and other accessories that might overwhelm a smaller pool.

When you’re ready to remodel your existing pool or become a pool owner for the first time, give us a call and let’s get the project started.