Are you a new swimming pool owner? Have you owned a pool for many years? Are you a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to caring for your swimming pool? Great! Have you ever wondered how to troubleshoot pool filter problems? Chances are, like any appliance, you will eventually have to replace or repair your pool filter or other pool equipment.

To know whether you need to repair or replace you can call on the services of a swimming pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas to inspect the pool filter or you can do it yourself. You do need to be aware if there are issues with the pool filter because that is the hub of the pool when it comes to maintaining crystal clear, bacteria-free pool water.

How to troubleshoot pool filter problems

Would you know if your pool filter was failing or not working at peak efficiency? Here are a few items to check and address. If you don’t get to the bottom of a pool filter issue quickly the water can quickly become unswimmable!

  1.  Is the filter leaking? An easy to notice problem is if you see water leaking out of the pool filter. If the filter leaks you will notice a puddle beneath the filter. A slow leak might not be noticeable in the pool water level, but you certainly don’t want to let the filter continue to leak. Identify where the leak is originating from? Are there any holes in the tank? Are they small enough to be patched until you can effect a better repair or replacement? Are the o-rings dried out and causing a leak?
  2. Are particles from the filter making their way into the pool? You may notice dust or sand on the bottom of the pool and that could mean the pool is having a problem when it was backwashed. There could be broken pipes that are letting sand in or there could be a tear in the fabric of the filter grid that’s allowing filter particles into the water.
  3. Have you seen a drop in water pressure? You need to know what your water pressure gauge should read and you should make note of any drops in pressure. Yes, there could be a problem with the pressure gauge itself or there could be a problem with the filter and the water pressure. Check for clogs or blocked lines. Make sure the filter basket is empty. Check the return valve to assure it’s completely open.

These are three of the many issues that could arise with a pool filter. If you notice issues with any component of your pool, reach out to us for assistance in trouble shooting potential issues.