You want a pool. You have your budget. You and your family have been dreaming about this, but how to hire a pool builder to bring your dream to life may be something that makes you a bit nervous. After all, it’s a huge project and a major investment. How will you know if you’ve got the best pool contractor for your family’s pool project?

When you talk wtih the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas you learn what questions to ask a pool builder and what to look for in a pool contract quote to assure you’re getting the best pool for your money.

How to hire a pool builder

To bring your pool dream to life, you need to find the pool builder of your dreams! Here are items to consider and ask a pool builder about.

  1. Your friends, family and neighbors should be your first go-to resources for a pool contractor. Ask who they used and whether they enjoyed the process. Word of mouth is your best reference. These people will also be more likely to tell it like it is if they had a bad experience. Don’t forget to ask potential pool contractors for references with whom you can speak.
  2. Narrow the field to no more than three potential pool builders. Make an appointment to meet with them. They may come to your home or you may want to go to their showroom to get a feel for their business and to look through their portfolio.  Ask the people you’re speaking with what they liked, and didn’t about the contractor and the process and most importantly ask, “would you hire them again?”
  3. Ask whether the contractor is licensed and insured. They should show you proof of liability insurance when you ask.
  4. What are your first impressions of the contractor? If you have a bad gut feeling listen to that and move onto the next. Don’t work with a contractor with whom you don’t feel comfortable — you are spending a lot of money and will be spending a lot of time with this person and his team. It should be a good fit.
  5. Look out for these red flags. Unrealistically low estimates. Pressure to sign a contract immediately. Asking for payment in full in cash, up front. General lack of professionalism. Meet the contractor at his place of business. Yes, on site visits to your home are necessary, but you want to see where he works. Be aware, some pool service-only companies operate from their trucks and because they’re on the road so frequently, they don’t have an office or store front.
  6. Pay for as high quality and energy efficient equipment you can afford. The upfront price will pay for itself in the long run and the life of the pool in cost savings. Understand the differences in equipment and the reasons for varying price points.
  7. Don’t forget to budget for a pool cover and for a deck and outdoor living space.

After your contractor has finished, you and your family will have a gathering place for years to come that will be fun, exciting and a place to build memories.