The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spa Service offer info on swimming pool “facts”

If you’ve owned a swimming pool or if you grew up with a swimming pool or had friends who had one, we’ll bet you heard these swimming pool “facts.” The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spa Service in Fort Worth, Texas bust some myths about swimming pools that we think you will enjoy.

Swimming pool “facts”

  1. Wait an hour after eating to go swimming! Your mom might have been right about this pool fact, because after you’ve eaten you want to wait for your food to digest before you jump in and start swimming. You could get a cramp or could overwork the muscles and have a spasm. To avoid this, either eat a light meal, or wait an hour before swimming after you’ve eaten.
  2. If you smell chlorine, the water is clean! This isn’t true. Chlorine is odorless and colorless. If you’re smelling chlorine what you’re smelling is the undissolved solids in the water reacting to the chlorine and causing the smell. This means the pool needs to be cleaned!
  3. Chlorine will turn your blonde hair green. It’s not the chlorine that turns your blonde hair green — it’s the copper in the water. If you shampoo and condition after swimming, this won’t happen.

Keeping your swimming pool is no myth — it’s a fact! If you own a swimming pool, regular and consistent upkeep and maintenance are the most important parts of the ownership responsibility. You can either be a do it yourselfer and undertake the pool cleaning and maintenance or you can work with an experienced swimming pool contractor in Fort Worth, Texas to under take the tasks on your behalf. Many pool owners — especially new pool owners, find they spend more money on chemicals when they are cleaning the pool themselvesl than they would spend to hire a pool service contractor. Also, if you do your own pool maintenance, you will have to invest in the chemicals and find a place to store them that is safe and secure.

Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your pool. Give us a call if you need assistance with pool maintenance and upkeep.