Is your pool leaking? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas explain

One of the most important items to check on your swimming pool on a regular basis is whether it’s leaking. You may not have thought of your pool as being something that could spring a leak, think again — it can happen regardless of the building material. At Seahorse Pools & Spas, our contractors have an easy way to tell if you pool is losing water because of evaporation or because your children are very enthusiastic in splashing water out.

Is your pool leaking?

Try the “bucket test” but keep in mind pools lose a quarter inch of water from evaporation. The evaporation rate varies with humidity, sunlight intensity, wind and activity levels.

bucketHere’s how to do the bucket test:

  • Fill your pool to normal levels
  • Fill a bucket with water about one third of the way.
  • Put the bucket on the first step of the pool
  • Make sure it’s sitting at least five inches in the water.
  • Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket.
  • Turn the pump off and mark the level of water on the outside of your bucket, then turn the pump back on.
  • After a full 24 hours have passed, compare the two water levels.

If the level marked outside has decreased more than the level on the inside, chances are the pool is leaking. If the levels are the same, the loss of water is likely due to evaporation. If you suspect you have a leaking swimming pool, contact us as soon as possible so we can find it, fix it and make sure there is no long lasting damage to your pool.