Swimming is an ideal course of exercise for many reasons including the fact that swimming helps reduce blood pressure. A study by the American Journal of Cardiology discovered that has found swimming aids in reducing blood pressure and leads to improved artery health for the elderly. One of the main benefits of swimming is that even if you have arthritis or muscle and joint pain, you can get into the swimming pool and swim a few laps or do water aerobics and you can get healthy without adding to any pain you’re experiencing.

Since swimming does not put as much strain on the body as other exercises, the benefits are not limited to just cardiovascular. The study sample included Austin residents ranging from age 50 to 80 years.

Swimming helps reduce blood pressure

Before you begin any exercise routine, it is always best to talk with your doctor to assure you’re healthy enough to do so. Chances are your doctor will advise that you start out slowly and work your way up. You don’t want to go from “couch potato” to swimming twenty laps without working slowly up to that level of activity. Ask your doctor for advice on what you can do, and should do, to get healthy in your swimming pool.

A swim routine will help strengthen your heart muscles and your lung capacity and those are ideal health goals for anyone of any age.

If you’re recovering from a sports injury, swimming can help you recover. If you undertake a lot of “ground” activities, breaking up that workout with a swim routine is a great way to work new and different muscles while giving your muscles and joints a break from pounding on the ground while you’re running.

Swimming before bedtime can also help you sleep better.

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