Do you have back pain? Have you talked with your doctor about how swimming can alleviate back pain? He or she may just give you the thumbs up for getting into your own swimming pool and swimming some long, slow laps as a way to make your back pain go away.

Swimming isn’t anything new as a way to make yourself feel better. Ancient Greeks and Romans have known for thousands of years the healing benefits of a soak in a hot tub and today’s hot tub and spa owners also know the value and health benefits. They used hot baths as a way to encourage blood flow and circulation, promote relaxation and stress relief and to reduce pain. Individuals who suffer back pain can find true relief from the discomfort and stiffness. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spas in Fort Worth, Texas explain swimming helps back pain and soaking in a hot tub, with jets that are strategically placed helps with pain relief as well.

Americans spend about $50 billion a year on back pain relief products and treatments. Back pain has also been shown to be one of the biggest reasons people miss work and they are one of the biggest reasons for disability claims. Temporary relief can be found in prescription medications but heat and movement provides longer lasting relief.

Swimming can alleviate back pain

Doctors try to avoid medications for as long as possible and will urge patients toward physical therapy, ultrasound treatments and heat treatments and movement like you’d get in a swimming pool. When you swim you’re elongating your body and that can alleviate pain. Also, the mere idea of moving at all will help with pain. Sitting or not moving will not help pain and lack of movement will lead to other health issues.

Using heat and ice are sources of pain relief. A heating pad can be effective, but immersing yourself in a hot tub or spa and positioning yourself in front of a therapeutic jet will offer muscle relaxation and pain relief. Dilating blood vessels and reducing muscle spasms in the surrounding areas enhances pain-relieving benefits.

Hot tub manufacturers realize that many people use hot tubs and spas to relieve back pain and they are also used in physical therapy. A study in a British Journal shows a patient treated through hot tub therapy had improvement in mobility and lessened the pain in the patient’s back.

For those who are dealing with back pain — talk with your doctor or physical therapist to get an understanding of the best type of jets for the hot tub you want to purchase. Remember, the placement of the jets is important, too.

Talk with us today and if you’re suffering from back pain, a hot tub is help as is swimming in your pool. Don’t suffer any longer when relief could be as close as your own back yard!