What’s the best part of being a swimming pool owner? Well, other than the fact that you own a swimming pool? That you can swim your way to health and have a great time doing it? If there was ever an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, it’s swimming and water aerobics. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas in Fort Worth, Texas understand the benefits of a pool workout.

The benefits of getting a workout in a swimming pool cannot be denied.

  1. You can up your heart rate without breaking a sweat
  2. No matter how hot it is outside you can exercise in a pool and stay cooler
  3. The buoyancy the water provides allows you to work out without fear of injury

Here are more benefits of a swimming pool workout

Weight loss. When you swim for 30 minutes you can burn 300 calories. In order to lose a pound, you will have to burn 3500 calories. If you work out in a pool for 30 minutes or more a day, you can see significant weight loss.

Build your heart. When you swim you are building up your cardiovascular endurance and strengthening your heart. If you swim in cooler water you will burn more calories and get a better workout.

It’s low impact BUT high results. Swimming helps you lose weight and strengthens your heart and lungs AND it won’t harm your joints. If you are a runner, you know how much the jarring motion of hitting the ground can lead to pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints. In a pool you get the high impact results workout with low impact to your body. Swimming is an ideal way to recover from an injury.

Stress reliever and workout all in one. When you swim, the sheer motion of gliding through the water will help relieve stress while you get in a great workout. This is ideal for those days when you’ve dealt with work and family stress. Slip into the pool and swim a few laps.

All you need is a swimsuit. When you’re in the pool you don’t need any special equipment to get a great workout. Sure you can get a paddle board or kick board or other pool equipment, but you don’t need it.

You can get in shape and have fun all at the same time in a pool — what could be better than that?