Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors in Fort Worth, Texas understand, and tell their customers, that the pool finish chosen will truly “finish off” the look of the swimming pool project. how to choose a pool finish is a quesiton they get asked regularly and they’ve put together some items to think about when you’re working on your swimming pool construction or remodeling project.

When you are designing yoru swimming pool project it is both exciting and overwhelming — there are just so many decisions to make and items to consider — the pool finish being one of them.

How to choose a pool finish

Your pool finish can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like to choose and that will depend on many factors, including your lifestyle and your sense of aesthetics.

  1. Pool tiles can either make the pool deck blend seamlessly into the pool itself or it can set the pool deck apart from the pool. A pool tile can be as colorful or as muted as you’d like. Pool tiles can be chosen in an assortment of textures, sizes, styles, colors and patterns. You can use pool tiles to truly make a statement.
  2. If you have a vinyl liner swimming pool — and it is a budget-friendly option for many. With a vinyl liner pool you can choose your liner from myriad choices in colors and patterns and then choose the pool finish that will wrap up to the deck in a fashion that will either match or be complementary to the liner itself.
  3. Plaster and aggregate finishes are other ways in which to finish the pool design. Pool plaster is a classic look and is traditionally white, but today’s pool plaster options offer many different colors and add ins — called aggregates. An aggregate finish is a mix of plaster, pebbles or even ceramic coated sand that is mixed into the plaster. An aggregate finish is durable and offers a slip proof surface on the deck.

Talk with us and ask us for advice and even for a computer generated model to see what your pool finish would look like when the project is finished.