Fort Worth, Texas pool contractors explain how to get a rock waterfall

Ho hum. Is that the feeling you have when you look at your swimming pool? Do you look at pools in movies and on television and wish you had a pool that looked like that? Have you looked at your budget, your pool and wondered, “is it time for a rock waterfall for your pool?” If you have, now is the time to give us a call and let’s get started on that project!

Remodeling your swimming pool and giving it a brand new look and feel is something the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas work with customers to help them realize.

Is it time for a rock waterfall for your pool?

If you’ve wondered how a rock waterfall would look, ask us to give you a mock up or a computer rendering of how it would look, where you’d place it and how much it could cost.

Here are some reasons to consider adding this stunning water feature.

Aesthetically pleasing. Who are we kidding, it will be stunning and give your backyard what it needs to turn heads! A rock waterfall will keep your pool looking beautiful and unique for decades.

Water filtration. When you install a rock waterfall feature the natural motion of the water flowing through the rocks, back into the pool and through the pool filter add an additional layer of filtration.

Relaxation. The simple sound of water rushing or running over the rock waterfall feature is relaxing. After a grueling day or week at work, you could relax poolside and you will be soothed by the sound of the water cascading over the rock waterfall.

When you remodel your swimming pool and add a waterfall feature you will have many decisions to make including how many streams of water you want cascading over it, how wide you want those streams, how you will landscape the feature and what type of rocks you want.

We can guarantee that once you have this water feature added you will spend even more time pool side than you did before!