If your swimming pool water isn’t as warm as you’d like, but you don’t have space or want to spend the money on adding a solar water heater for your pool there is another way. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas explain that solar covers and blankets are great pool water heaters. These floating covers don’t offer any safety measures, so please don’t ever rely on a solar cover or blanket alone to keep the water warm and people in your house safe.

When buying a solar blanket or cover, measure the longest and widest points of your pool and take into account the steps in your measurements. The solar cover or blanket may need to be stretched across the pool for a few days before you trim it. Make sure all the wrinkles are worked out before you cut it to size.

Solar covers and blankets are great pool water heaters

Ask us whether your pool would benefit from the use of a solar blanket or cover. When you use one, remember you will need to also use a safety cover to protect children and pets in your home.

Keep in mind that the cover will be heavy. You will want to determine, up front, how you will have it fitted to and removed from the water when you are done swimming. You may consider adding an electronic or manual cover remover. You don’t need to invest in a solar blanket or cover reel if you don’t need to, you can have someone in the home help you put it on and off.

Keep the blanket clean because you don’t want to bring dirt or grass into the water when you put the cover back on.

Plan to clean the solar cover or blanket regularly. Clean it with a gentle brush with a telescoping pole. Use a gentle dish detergent, brush it clean then thoroughly rinse it with the hose. You can spread it on the lawn to dry before you put it away for the season or between uses — clean the cover at least every couple of weeks.

To protect the cover, make sure you don’t use it when you’re shocking the pool water. The additional chlorine can damage it.

Also, keep in mind that the sun can damage the cover — ironic, right?! If you’re rolling the cover up and not using it for a few days, protect it from direct sunlight so it doesn’t lose its pliability.

If you’re not sure what type solar cover or blanket to buy, give us a call and we can offer suggestions.