Do you cringe when you go out the backdoor and look at your swimming pool? Is it time to renovate the swimming pool? The next time we pay a service visit, let’s talk about the needs you should address in a pool reno and the wants that will be included.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas have had their schedules filled by stay-at-home people because of coronavirus pool owners who want their pools upgraded. Your pool may not be in dire need of a renovation, but you may just want to add accessories or you may want to add to its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Add amenities and other items to upgrade the pool and breathe new life into it.

Is it time to renovate the swimming pool?

  1. Does the gunite need to be acid washed? This is a great way to bring new light and life to the pool itself. If you want more than an acid wash, ask us about adding an aggregate pool plaster finish to the swimming pool. This finish can make your pool look brand new and enhance its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Upgrading to a salt-water chlorination system brings many benefits — your skin will feel silky, you won’t be swimming in as many chemicals, it’s more environmentally friendly.
  3. Add fiber optic or better yet, LED lights. Lighting in and around the pool enhances the safety (especially if you have a pool with a deep end.) Lighting also can be used to set the mood for a party.
  4. Add accessories like a fountain, waterfall, sun shelves or something more simple like a basketball hoop, volleyball net and other inpool games for the family.
  5. Don’t forget to upgrade and update the space around the pool. Many pool owners find they spend more time around the pool than they do in the pool so you want it to be a comfortable space.

Give us a call today or talk with us when we pay a service visit and let’s talk about a renovation project for your family swimming pool.