No one wants to harm bees, but no one wants them buzzing around the swimming pool. You can protect your pool from bees without harming or hurting the dwindling bee population. Talk with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas about how to keep the pool bee-free so no one gets stung when they’re supposed to be having fun.

A bee sting can cause the pool fun to stop and if you’re allergic and get stung it could be even more problematic.

 Protect your pool from bees

When summer rolls around, the bees, wasps, flies and other flying and stinging critters can pop their heads into your pool business. Insects are drawn to both water and the scent of humans and perspiration — all in abundance in the summer, right?

Everyone knows that bees are needed to pollinate the flowers and plants in your yard and garden, and that’s fine. You just don’t want to issue an invitation to them to join you in the swimming pool!

Here are ways to keep the pool as bee-free as you can.

  •  Hang a fake wasp nest. Yes, you can trick wasps to stay away from the pool by doing this. They are a territorial bug and if they see a nest, they will usually steer clear.
  • Don’t leave open bottles of sugary drinks lying around. The bees will be drawn to the sweetness.
  • Don’t leave food or fruit lying poolside as bees will be attracted to that.
  • If you have wasps by the pool, try luring them away by placing a piece of beef in an area away from the pool. Yes, many wasps will eat meat. Only use a small piece because you don’t want it to rot and you also don’t want to lure other critters!
  • Hire a bee removal service. They know how to safely and effectively clear the area and not injure the bees.
  • Offer a water source away from the pool.
  • Plant flowers away from the pool area to lure bees away and give them a tasty treat.
  •  Hang dryer sheets around the outdoor living space or over the pool fence. Put a few on the picnic table. The smell of dryer sheets is something bees don’t like and it will drive them away.

If you’re allergic to bees, you will want to keep any bee sting medications on hand in case a bee doesn’t get the memo and stings you.