Every time you look at your swimming pool, what do you see? Trick question. You see the pool plaster. On a gunite swimming pool, plaster is the protective layer that is between the top of the pool, the shell and the pool water. How to care for the swimming pool plaster is something the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas talk with their pool customers about all the time.

The swimming pool plaster requires minimal care, but the care with which the pool water chemistry is given will help protect — or damage — the pool structure.

How to care for the swimming pool plaster

When you work with a swimming pool service contractor you can rest assured the pool plaster will be cared for along with the rest of the pool equipment. It is the pool plaster that gives your swimming pool its aesthetic appeal. The pool plaster is one of the most visible elements in the swimming pool. It is what helps capture the rays of light and makes the pool seem to glisten.

In addition to looking good, pool plaster that is properly cared for is crucial to the durability and longevity of the pool.

What are some issues that may arise with the plaster in your swimming pool?

  • Water chemistry that is out of balance can cause pitting of the plaster. It can also change the color of the plaster.
  • When organic matter like leaves fall into the pool and are allowed to sink to the bottom can discolor the pool plaster. It’s best to use a pool cover when the pool isn’t in use and to skim any floating debris before it falls to the bottom.
  • Rust stains can occur if you lie the garden hose against the plaster or if you wear hair pins or other metal objects that can lead to rust
  • If you live in an area of the country that sees freezing and thawing ground or earthquakes, these changes to the ground and the shifting could lead to cracks in the plaster.

Consistent pool water care and maintenance will prevent many of the issues with pool plaster. However, even with proper pool maintenance and chemical balancing, there will come a time when you will need to have your pool re-plastered. We can let you know when that’s necessary and perform the task for you.