Hot tubs are exciting, luxurious and relaxing. There are also hot tub safety matters that you need to have in place when taking a soak in the hot tub. Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors in Fort Worth, Texas can help you with your hot tub construction or installation project and with upkeep and maintenance.

If you have a swimming pool, there are steps you take for safety. The hot tub brings with it as safety concerns and they are similar, but there are some major differences in the safety measures you need to undertake in a hot tub.

Hot tub safety matters

Here are some of our top hot tub safety tips for new and long-term hot tub owners in need of a safety refresher course.

  1. Cover it when not in use. The hot tub cover is a safety layer to keep anyone from falling in. The hot tub cover also traps the heated water and helps you use less electricity to keep the water warm. A hot tub cover also helps cut back on cleaning time and may mean you can use fewer chemicals to keep it clean. That is HUGE, right?
  2. Never soak alone. Just as no one should use the swimming pool alone, no one should be in the hot tub alone.
  3. Don’t wear street clothes in the hot tub. You don’t want to wear street clothes in a pool either. The reasons are you don’t want to bring in dirt and debris and organic materials that can upset the water chemistry.
  4. It may seem odd, but drink water while in the hot tub. The heat can quickly dehydrate you and that can be harmful.
  5. Don’t have the water higher than 105 degrees as that can be harmful.
  6. Limit soak time to fewer than 30 minutes at a time.
  7. Children shouldn’t be allowed to be in the heated water for more than 10 minutes at a time.
  8. Keep up with the water chemistry and chemical balancing — bacteria grow more quickly in heated water.

If you need or want more advice on how to care for and clean and maintain a hot tub, give us a call. Let’s talk about a hot tub contract to allow you to enjoy the soak time instead of having to clean it in your free time.