The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas know there are times when you just wonder why is the pool water cloudy. There can be many different reasons, and if you work with a pool service contractor you can almost rest assured that you won’t have cloudy pool water.

Caring for pool water and pool equipment is a task that a do-it-yourselfer can take on his or her own, but it will take diligence and persistance to keep the water clean and clear and free of bacteria. Pool water maintenance is also a task that is a delicate balancing act in order to get all of the chemicals in line and working together so the water is clear for swimming when you’re ready to jump in.

Why is the pool water cloudy?

Some of the factors that go into clear pool water is the need for adequate and frequent circulation of the water through the filtration system. This, in additional to correct chemical levels will keep the water crystal clear. If you have taken on the task of pool maintenance on your own, and you notice the pool water is cloudy, here are some of the reasons that might be causing that.

  • Not enough chlorine
  • the pH and/or alkalinity levels are too low or too high
  • The pool water has high calcium hardness
  • There is an issue with the pool’s circulation and filtration system
  • You might not be running the pool pump as often as you need to in order to turn the pool water over as often as your pool contractor recommends
  • If the water temperature is too high that can lead to cloudy water

“Adequate” and proper water circulation will likely mean that you run the pool pump for at least twelve hours a day during the summer and about eight hours per day in the winter months. A swimming pool pump is designed to run for up to twenty-four hours at a time with no damaging impact. Ask us how often you should be running your pool pump in order to turn the water over and distrubute the chemicals thoroughly.

If the water is cloudy, it may be time to super-chlorinate aka shock the water in order to rid it of undissolved solids and to clear it up.

There may be a need to call a pool service professional if you simply can’t get the water crystal clear. He will check the chemical balances and the equipment to assure the pressure gauge is at the proper level and that your filter is working correctly.