Why should I hire a pool service pro is one of the questions we get asked quite regularly. The swimming pool service contractors form Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas understand that owning a swimming pool is a big expense and when you add to that the cost of pool maintenance you are adding to the cost. However, many pool owners find that they spend more money if they take on the pool service and maintenance on their own. Also, if you do your own pool maintenance you need to find a place to store the chemicals and cleaning equipment and you also have to invest in all of the cleaning equipment and chemicals up front.

Why should I hire a pool service pro?

Having proper pool chemisty is important to the viability of the pool itself and to keeping the pool water safe for those who swim in it. When you’re a new pool owner, getting the pool chemistry levels “just right” can be frustrating and may lead to your adding chemicals, then needing to add water, then more chemicals –it is a delicate balancing act. Working with a swimming pool service contractor assures your pool water is clean and bacteria free and that your pool equipment and the pool itself will be safe and healthy and that you can protect your investment.

What will your pool contractor do for you?

He will perform weekly maintenance including:

  1. Check and balance the pool chemicals
  2. Skim debris
  3. Clean skimmer baskets
  4. Brush the pool walls and floor
  5. Backwash filter when needed
  6. Clean the pool deck
  7. Inspect pool equipment
  8. Make repairs when needed

Working with a pool contractor means you will have access to a professional who can perform repairs including:

  1. Equipment repair and replacement
  2. Filter and pump repairs
  3. Resurfacing the pool
  4. Upgrades and repairs to pool lighting
  5. Heater, motor and plumbing repairs and leak inspection
  6. He will open the pool for the season and close it when the season has passed
  7. He will let you know when/if your pool liner needs to be replaced or repaired and will perform the repairs

You can certainly call on the services of a pool contractor and work with him or her when you need a pool repair or an occasional deep cleaning, but it may be more cost effective to work with a pool contractor on a regular basis. Give us a call and get an estimate for ongoing pool service and maintenance.