Swimming pools don’t need care year round, right? Wrong! They need more care in the heat of summer, but they do need care and maintenance and looking in upon no matter what time of year. Pool care throughout the seasons of the year is something a pool contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas can assist you with.

What should you do through out the year and what kind of care does a pool need seasonally?

Pool care throughout the seasons

  1. Spring. When the weater is warming up, that’s the time you will think about contacting your pool contractor to set up a pool opening date. It’s never a great idea to keep the pool closed and the cover on if the sun has been getting steadily warmer. The reason? Algae will begin to grow in the untreated water when the sun is shining down.
  2.  Summer. Now you’re probably using your pool daily. This is the time that you know you need to have a pool service contractor lined up to care for your pool or that you need to be diligent in its care on your own. This is especially true because you will have so many people in and out of the water and you want to assure the water is clean, bacteria free and ready to be used when you’re ready to jump in.
  3. Autumn. You’re probably watching the calendar and feeling the days get cooler and shorter and you know it’s going to be time to close the pool soon. A pool heater will help you swim longer than your neighbors who don’t use a pool heater. Talk with us and set up a date when you will pull the plug on swimming for the season. We will schedule your pool closing.
  4. Winter. If your pool has been closed, you don’t have to worry about the pool, right? Wrong. You will want to give it a weekly once over to make certain there is no standing water on the cover and that the cover is still securely in place.

Depening on where you live you will have one to one and a half full seasons of pool care, the rest will be passive maintenance.