Would your pool benefit from a waterfall? Do you wonder about how much more beautiful your pool would be with a waterfall? Have you been budgeting to make changes to your swimming pool and your backyard living space?

“What more can we do to make it even more fun… and more beautiful?” Give your pool a new look by working with the swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas to have a rock waterfall added to your existing pool or to a new pool construction project.

Would your pool benefit from a waterfall?

Here are reasons to consider adding a rock waterfall.

  1. It will turn heads and make your pool the talk of the neighborhood. It is aesthetically beautiful. A well-made waterfall keeps your pool looking beautiful.
  2. The natural motion of water flowing through the rocks and back into the swimming pool is a source of water filtration and that will give your pool pump a break.
  3. The sound of water falling over the waterfall provides a relaxing sound that leads to natural stress reduction.

Remodeling and adding a waterfall does not have to be an exhausting or time consuming project, especially when you work with a contractor with experience in the installation of a rock waterfall. Kick the project off now so it will be done in time for your first swimming pool party of the season.