Are you considering upgrading your poolside living space this summer? The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas offer patio decorating ideas for pool owners. Think about how much time you spend around the pool as well as in the pool and you can see the need for having a poolside seating area that is comfortable and fits your fashion and decorating sense as well as your desire to spend time in it.

 Patio decorating ideas for pool owners

Because you’ve invested so much into the construction of your swimming pool you certainly want to put time and thought into how you will decorate your poolside living space and we have some ideas and considerations.

  1. What is your unique style? Are you comfortable? Fashionable? Trendy? Do you want your outdoor living space to mimic your indoor style and living space? What kind of materials do you enjoy? Rustic? Metal and glass? Bamboo? Overstuffed cushions? Know what you love then you can narrow your choices before you start shopping because it can be overwhelming.
  2. Durability versus function versus maintenance. Various materials will last longer than others and some will require more maintenance than others. For example composite furniture requires less care than wooden furniture. Look for furniture and materials that will stand up the weather and the UV rays. Will your furniture be in full sun and full weather all the time or will your furniture be under the cover of a roof? This could help you determine what materials to invest in.
  3. Where will you set up the furniture, tables, fire and water features and if you have one — the outdoor kitchen set up? Have your pool contractor design that so you can see what it will look like and what the “flow” of the area will be once it’s done. Make certain you’re getting tables and chairs and other furniture that will comfortably fit in the area you have set aside.

  Consider how much sun/shade the area is exposed to as you may also want to invest in umbrellas, awnings or have a gazebo or other covered structure built for your outdoor living area. Reach out to us today and let’s get started on your outdoor living space.