How much free time do you have to enjoy your swimming pool? Are you spending that free time cleaning it before you finally get to use it? It’s time to enjoy your pool more when you hire a pool service contractor to take on those tasks for you.

There are many swimming pool owners who find they not only save money but a lot of time when they hire a swimming pool service contractor to come regularly and clean and maintain the pool. You may still need to skim off floating debris unless you’re diligent in using a pool cover, but that only takes seconds. If you’re having a party or if there is a lot of rainfall you may want to test the water between service visits and give us a call if the chemistry is out of balance.

 Enjoy your pool more when you hire a pool service contractor

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools & Spas. Service in Fort Worth, Texas who explain this is the ideal time to start interviewing potential pool service contractors. Don’t wait until the season begins and many pool contractors have their clients and schedules locked in.

What will a pool service contractor do as part of a pool maintenance package? 

  1. Test the water chemistry. This is one of the first tasks undertaken because the chemistry needs to remain in ideal/perfect balance in order for the water to be healthy to swim in, so no damage is done to the pool equipment and that no algae starts growing. Proper swimming pool chemistry can also mean the difference between red, itchy eyes and dry, itchy skin or not having those issues.
  2. In addition to cleaning and maintenance, your pool contractor will inspect the pool equipment. If he notices an irregularity in the pool pump pressure or the cleanliness of the filter or any other issues, he will alert you to those. Also, if there are items that need to be addressed he can give you a timeline and a potential cost.
  3. The pool will be deep cleaned. The walls and floor will be thoroughly brushed down. The pool will then be vacuumed and the skimmer baskets emptied and cleaned.

What does it cost for pool service?

Costs vary based on the size and shape of your pool, where you live, the condition of the pool and its equipment, the amount of use and myriad other factors. Ask a pool contractor to come out to your home and give you an estimate for service. Keep in mind they may offer a lower price for a summer contract rather than a one-off cleaning.