Each swimming pool is unique and that means that they care for each and every pool is unique even if the differences are hardly noticeable. We offer our best pool care advice and know that you will need to adjust to caring for your pool and the way it’s used, how often it’s used, whether swimmers shower before they get in and many more subtle nuances.

The swimming pool contractors and service professionals from Seahorse Pool & Spa repair in Fort Worth, Texas offer their best pool care advice. Read these tips, talk with your pool contractor or use them as a starting point if you’re going to DIY the maintenance.

Our best pool care advice

  1. Know how long the pool pump and filter need to be run and don’t skimp. The pool pump is the heart of the pool and needs to be run long enough to turn the pool water over at least two times a day. How long you need to run it depends on the filter type, your pool and other factors. A rule of thumb is to run it ten to twelve hours a day.
  2. Test the water chemistry often. If one chemical gets out of balance it won’t be long before they all come tumbling out of balance. For example, if the pool pH is unbalanced it impacts all of the other chemicals. You may want to test the water daily — there is no harm. It’s easier to check too often than not often enough — it’s easier to get chemicals back in balance.
  3. The skimmer basket needs to be cleaned frequently — daily even. Don’t wait until the basket is overflowing — that means the filter and pump are working harder than they need to and you could be upsetting the water chemistry.

We are happy to give you a pool chemistry and maintenance 101 or take on the task of cleaning your pool water so you can spend your free time swimming, not cleaning!