Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your swimming pool, there can be that algae spore that defeats all efforts to get it out of the pool. When that happens, and when the pool pump doesn’t run long or often enough or the water chemistry gets out of line is the perfect storm for algae. Don’t let algae take over the pool because it can be costly to clear out and may mean you’re not able to use the pool for a while.

The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools and Spa Service in Fort Worth, Texas work with their clients and even with DIYers when algae rear its ugly head. What do algae look like and is it all the same? No, here are some of the many colors the water may turn.

  1. Brown
  2. Black
  3. Green
  4. Yellow .

When you notice algae know that it will take patience and effort and copious amounts of chemicals to rid the pool water of algae.

Don’t let algae take over the pool

When you’re in the battle with algae you need to know what type of algae has taken over. The most common algae turns the water green. Algae spores grow in warm, dark, still and unsanitized water.

What can you do to prevent algae growth and fight it if it takes over:

  1. Vacuum the pool often
  2. Brush the walls and floor and areas behind the ladder and the pool steps
  3. Skim surface debris before it hits the bottom of the pool
  4. Run the filter and pump at least eight to twelve hours a day. Ask your pool contractor how long you should run it for your unique pool
  5. Monitor pH balance and free chlorine levels
  6. Use algaecide
  7. Be prepared to use a LOT of chlorine to fight it — aka superchlorination
  8. It’s best to fight algae at dusk when chlorine will be more effective because the sun won’t evaporate it
  9. Turn the filter system on and prepare to run it a lot — 24 hours a day
  10. Plan to clean or better yet, replace any pool filters or sand or DE
  11. Thoroughly brush the pool and vacuum it
  12. Run the filter… it bears repeating and you may need to run it for seven days a week until the algae is completely gone
  13. It may take more than one treatment to get rid of it

Don’t wait until the pool is full of algae to take steps to fight it. The moment you see brackish water, give us a call and let’s nip the bloom in the bud.