Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors in Fort Worth, Texas offer off season pool maintenance tips for their customers and other pool owners. When the pool is closed for the season by your pool contractor you may think you can simply walk away and not think of the pool until spring rolls around again. We are here to tell you that it’s not quite the case.

Off season pool maintenance tips

Even though autumn is in full swing and the winter season is fast approaching, this means you will likely either have already closed your swimming pool or you will be scheduling a time for your pool contractor to come and close it for you. We advise our customers that even though the pool is closed and may be retired for the sesaon, it should not be forgotten.

Why? Even though the pool has been properly winterized (and if you work with us, we can assure it has been) you need to check in on it occasionally throughout the winter to assure several items:

  1. That the cover is still in place
  2. That there is no standing water (as this can rip out the cover anchors and damage the cover)
  3. There there isn’t a build up of leaves and debirs on the cover

If there is standing water on the pool cover you may want to grab the shop vac and remove it. If there is ice on the cover, resist the urge to try to lift it off as you may damage the pool cover if the ice is embedded in it. Wait until there is a warm day and check back on the ice — vacuum up any standing water as it melts, but be careful if you’re tempted to remove a hunk of it. If you scoop it up with a shovel and drop it — again, you could damage the cover beyond repair.

A proper swimming pool closing — it is a do it yourself task if you understand what you’re doing — will save you time and money when you open the pool the next season. Give us a call if your pool is still open and you’re ready to close it. Contact the Fort Worth swimming pool company of Seahorse pools and spas at 817-244-1310.