The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas get asked all the time, “do I need to clean my swimming pool weekly?” The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is, you need to clean it daily in some instances — that includes skimming off of debris from the surface of the swimming pool before it falls to the bottom. If you use a swimming pool cover, you can cut back on the cleaning time necessary as the cover will help conserve chemicals, cut back on water evaporation and keep dirt and debris from the water.

In the summer months, it is crucial that either you or a family member clean the swimming pool regularly. If you don’t want to spend your free time cleaning and balancing pool chemicals, work with an experienced swimming pool service contractor who will take on the task on your behalf. When you work with a swimming pool service contractor from Seahorse Pools in Fort Worth, Texas he will balance the chemicals, clean the water and perform any maintenance tasks necessary to keep your pool water clean, sparking clear and free of bacteria-free. Working with a pool contractor frees you and your family up to just have fun in the water without all of the work! Your pool contractor will tell you, though that you will want to test the water chemicals between service visits and you will want to skim off fallen debris.

Do I need to clean my swimming pool weekly?

If you don’t have your swimming pool properly maintained you run the risk of algae taking over your swimming pool water and you also run the risk of damage to the pool equipment. Chemicals that are out of balance can damage the pool finish, corrode the equipment and lead to dirty or cloudy water. If you don’t take care of your swimming pool, or work with a pool contractor who will, you run the risk of costly repair bills and you don’t want that because for many pool owners, their pool is the second biggest investment many make — second usually only to the family home.

Water chemistry is the biggest aspect of pool maintenance. Without testing the water with a water test kit you have no way of knowing which chemicals and which balances are out of line. Even though you’re working with a pool service contractor you will still want to invest in a pool water test kit and ask your pool contractor how to understand the readings and what that means relating to pool chemical additions.

If you have a weekend party or if there is a rainstorm your pool water chemicals can quickly get out of balance. If you know you’re having a party, you may want to schedule an additional pool cleaning following the event. If you use a pool cover and know a storm will be blowing through, cover the pool before it happens. If you don’t use a pool cover, know that copious amounts of rainfall can throw the chemical balances out of line and that may require an additional call to your pool service contractor.

When your pool contractor pays a service visit he will:

  1. Clean the skimmers
  2. Test the water
  3. Check the filter and filter baskets
  4. Add chemicals as necessary
  5. Brush the pool walls and floor
  6. Vacuum the pool
  7. Inspect the pool equipment to assure it’s working properly.
  8. Check the pump’s PSI to assure its operating at peak efficiency

When you have a swimming pool, you want it to be always clean and welcoming for those times when you simply want to jump in and swim some laps or throw a family party!