Seahorse Pools contractors offer pool building tips

When you’re having your own swimming pool constructed there are mistakes to avoid when building a pool — because a pool is one of the biggest investments you will likely make you need to assure it’s done right. The swimming pool contractors from Seahorse Pools offer tips for working with a pool contractor to help assure you don’t make any mistakes with your family’s swimming pool project.

 Mistakes to avoid when building a pool

  1. You need to get the “right” design for your swimming pool. The right design is different for every pool owner, but you need to know how big of a pool you want, what building material you want it made from, what kind of shade and sun is in the backyard and how that will impact your pool’s cleaning and the warmth of the water.
  2. Don’t get a pool type that you won’t ultimately enjoy. If you opt for an above ground pool but wish you would have had an inground you may not be happy. If, however you get an indoor pool then have to move, you won’t be able to take the pool with you, like you might be able to with an above ground model.
  3.  Not understanding enough about the possible building material — concrete, vinyl liner or fiberglass — to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each style as it relates to longevity, upkeep and maintenance and cost.
  4. Not taking your time to find the best pool contractor for your project. You want a contractor who can give you the pool of your dreams, at a price you have budgeted for and who has the experience to build the project that you’re hoping for. Do your research and talk with former clients of any potential pool contractor so you have a feel for how it will be to work with him.
  5. Not thinking about the climate where you live. A pool building material or style that will work in one area of the country, may not be feasible in the area in which you live and vice versa. Freezing and thawing ground, earthquakes and other potential weather conditions could mean you need to make adjustments in the type pool you want.
  6. Trying to save money to the detriment of your pool. As with any project there are higher quality and higher priced options and lower quality and lower priced options. You need to weigh out the cost versus the quality when choosing items for your swimming pool. For example, high efficiency equipment may cost more up front, but you will reap savings over the long run. This is one of the many items you will need to consider when finalizing the budget for your pool project.

Don’t rush into your swimming pool construction project — do your homework, talk with several pool contractors and make sure you get the pool of your dreams.